the aspen challenge - denver

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The Aspen Institute hosted the Aspen Challenge Denver event with some of the greatest leaders and thinkers who work in a variety of disciplines. These leaders issued challenges to high school student teams from Denver Public School system. Three hundred Denver students assembled at discussion tables spread throughout the Daniels Great Hall to collaborate ideas, thoughts, and solutions to the world’s greatest problems.

As the students arrived into the Daniels Great Hall, they first admired the distinctive blue and orange color scheme defining the curvature of the floor-to-ceiling windows. Intricate banners were draped behind the stage, and our video tower was set to stream a plethora of leader and thinker presentations. Throughout the Aspen Challenge, students were asked to write their greatest thoughts and ambitions on the “Challenge Wall” and take a moment to reflect from their experience during the initial two-day event that took place in January. These walls decorated the perimeter of the Daniels Great Hall and left inspiring quotes and sayings to live by and reflect on throughout the sessions.

During the evening time, the Daniels Great Hall was transformed into a flashy light show where the Aspen Institute provided glow sticks at each dinner place setting while The Cable Center showcased its LED uplights that reflected blue and orange off the stainless steel columns. As an outsider looking in, the venue spun with glamorizing lights that highlighted the angles of our architecture. This event drew an automatic audience of passerby’s admiring the exciting décor. Our favorite part would have to be the carefully-crafted posters, featuring the faces of the students, hanging from the mezzanine.

Students returned to The Cable Center in March after having seven weeks to collaborate and design solutions to the challenges they chose. These presentations took place in our Malone Theater in front of a panel of judges who decided the winners that will present their ideas this summer at the Aspen Ideas Festival in Aspen, CO. To find out more information about the winners and when they’re scheduled to present, please check out The Aspen Institute website.

The pictures showcase the two-day January event, but both events would not have been possible without the help of the following industry professionals:

The Aspen Institute, Three Tomatoes, Dan with Trekker Photo, Colorado Audio Visual, Wilder Design, Event Rents, and Aspen 82!